Artist | Jae-Chul Jung

"Man cannot live alone."
Jae-Chul Jung

People, relationships and feelings

Man cannot live alone. We have to have a relationship with someone. Whether parents, family, friends or colleagues, even the man in the city's super market; we have all kinds of relationships with other people. We may assume that we live with more different people than in the past, but each person shares their idiosyncrasies and relationships for different reasons. The development of SNS has made it easier than ever to get close to and understand other people. There are a variety of ways and ways of forming relationships, but it would be difficult to argue that we live in a variety of relationships too. People are the most important thing and are at the center of all relationships between companies, countries and other people. Our relationships are complicated and it is easy to overlook the occasional negative, baseless, or contradicting situation. As an artist, I paint people as an aspect of my work. By portraying people in different relationships in my own way, I express my feelings. In previous work I have addressed somber subjects like social issues, but today I focus on honestly expressing feelings from a particular moment. I often talk to my works while working on them. I know this sounds strange, but I actually have conversations with my work. After choosing an outstanding event or personal matter with people close to me, I put all the causes aside and just extract the honest feelings. Before I know it, I talk to my works when I think back on the situation.

Artwork by Jae-Chul Jung


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