Artist | Tae Hyung Kim

"I try to comfort and heal people through my works"
Tae Hyung Kim

Everyday thoughts and events

The artist's works relate to objects that we know from our everyday lives and to events as they happen every day in our lives. Kim's tools are real elements, experiences of fear, worry, nervousness, depression and laughter, or playful experiences. The space in the picture serves as a sacred place and is a playground for your own imagination.

Different ways to approach the Korean traditional landscape.

The artist works with traditional Korean materials, but the way he expresses himself is not traditional. Nevertheless, the worlds depicted correspond to classic Korean landscape motifs. The artist combines these places with various everyday objects and thus creates new fantasy worlds.

Kim thinks it is part of the art of evoking emotions, even if they are uncomfortable, frightening, or melancholy. These emotions are based on very personal experiences of the artist. The act of painting is intended to heal not only the viewer but also the artist himself. This fact is especially important to him.

The current work of Kim is very personal, subjective and includes his "inner confessions". In Kim's opinion, this subjective point of view can nevertheless have a universal meaning. The artist will always try to create more works that enliven everyday experiences with imagination. For Him, and hopefully also for the viewer, they mean comfort and healing


Artwork by Tae Hyung Kim


happy swamp

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