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I love my job - Poster im Rahmen

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Objektbeschreibung & Interpretation

Vienna, Austria, August 2020 (printed on poster with frame)

Just as important as any tourism activities in Vienna, a ride through the city’s attractions in a horse-drawn carriage is a must for many tourists. It is so common that it has become one of the few images that come into people’s minds when they think about Vienna. The horses are usually geared up with elegant accessories, groomed nicely and so do the humans riding them. I took this picture on my trip from Berlin to Vienna as a little escape from my means to make ends meet. The horses seemed to have little to complain about and to be very good at their “jobs”, by that I mean what they do for food and shelters. I couldn’t help but wondered what they would get to say if we were asked about their daily jobs, provided that we had a way to communicate thoroughly.

Fotografin: Quinn Phan


Qualität der Bildauflösung


Originalbildgröße: 5444 x 3649 px, 300 dpi, 24 bit


  • Originaltitel: I love my job
  • Fotografin: Quinn Phan (Analog photographer), Instagram
  • Datum: 08. 2020
  • Ort: Vienna, Austria
  • Genre: Analoge Fotografie

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