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It will be alright - Poster im Rahmen mit Passepartout

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artlia_Poster im Rahmenim Rahmen

artlia_Rahmen mit PassepartoutPassepartout


Was sehen wir in diesem Kunstwerk?

Black Forest, Germany (printed on poster with Passepartout)

Deep in the center of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), there is an observation tower that offers a breath-taking all-round view of the area around the central Black Forest from a height of 34 meters. The tower is only accessible on foot and thus, can be physically and mentally challenging for city folks like me, but definitely worth the little adventure to the top.

What you get in return for your patience and consistency to the final destination is more than just a view, but reflections and deep thoughts inside of you. It’s the uncountable green color palette, so rich and full of culture, which makes it inevitable to feel ashamed of your own neglectance of the existence of these green shades, yet at the same time grateful for having the honor and the opportunity to discover and witness with your own eyes the raw beauty of these colors. It’s the tiny villages from far away that bring about so many questions about the presence of civilization within nature and since when civilization and nature have been coexisting in the same frame like this. You find yourself taking a moment to appreciate and study closely the existence of everything in front of you and also the existence of yourself, something that we usually forget to do in this hectic busy modern world. In the middle of the pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus, the calmness and quietness of nature is incredibly fascinating, as if she is immune to the tragedy that humanity is dealing with at the moment.

This photo is my little wish to you, flooded with liveliness and hope. Observing this view, I saw lights at the end of the tunnel. I saw myself and I felt safe. I am certain that in the end, it will be alright.

Fotografin: Quinn Phan


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Originalbildgröße: 5444 x 3649 px, 300 dpi, 24 bit


  • Originaltitel: It will be alright
  • Fotografin: Quinn Phan (Analog photographer), Instagram
  • Datum: 09. 2020
  • Ort: Black Forest(Schwarzwald), Germany
  • Genre: Analoge Fotografie

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