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Künstlerin | Ju-hye Kang Migeung

Artist | Ju Hye Kang Migeung

Around me, most of the pictures I draw are said to be slightly crooked, but I can't feel it. This is due to the 'visual impairment' caused by the accident.

The image is slightly tilted and the object is seen across multiple planes. The right hand is still paralyzed.

I look for the subject of the picture mainly in nature or in 'relationships' in reality. Also, I want to share a world of layers that only I can see and feel. And I'm including a short article to better understand the meaning of the image.

In fact, before I became a painter, I was in the dark and felt frustrated with the feeling of being a victim.

Then I chose painting as a rehabilitation measure, and painting became my profession. I am so thankful that my paintings are now comforting people like me in the past. It seems I just found a place to be. I hope my images will continue to support those frustrated with disabilities and those in need of beautiful positive thinking.

- In a beautiful positive thinking 'Migeung world'.

kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-16 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-1 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-19
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-18 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-17 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-21
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-20 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-2 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-3
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-4 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-5 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-6
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-7 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-8 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-9
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-10 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-11 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-12
kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-13 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-14 kang-ju-hye-migeung-artlia-15



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