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    Cushions can be used in a variety of ways in everyday life and, as decorative accessories, embellish any living area, but also provide a special level of comfort on sofas, armchairs and beds. At artlia online art gallery you will find pillows and pillow covers with various decors, motifs and works of art by artists from all over the world, with which you can easily add new and stylish accents to your living room or bedroom.

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    Art & decorative pillows & cushion covers - modern and classic art prints

    Art pillow as decoration on sofas, armchairs and beds determine the ambience of a room. With a classic pattern or a modern design, they perfectly match the style of your home. But beautiful cushions also quickly provide variety in the living room because they can be easily replaced. The living ambience can be changed particularly quickly by simply replacing a pillowcase.

    With us you will find a large selection Dekokissen and pillowcases in various sizes, from designer cushions with works of art, paintings, abstract shapes and patterns or floral ornaments to cushions and cushion covers with well-known artist motifs. They are the perfect complement to artwork on the wall and complete the overall look of an art-inspired room. For example, we have as Art on pillows Motifs by Korean artists, Persian artists and also famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Wassily Kandinsky. Our Pillow and pillowcases are made from various high-quality materials and using traditional processes, for example linen with velvet and satin inserts or using the jacquard weaving technique. With pillowcases 50x30, 46x46 and 56x56 cm you can use the common formats.

    Art decorative cushions and cushion covers from artlia

    What makes an apartment a place of well-being? Selected home accessories and loving details that show who you are. With our printed ones Dekokissen, whether 46x46 cm or 56x56 cm, give your couch the love it deserves.

    When sofa meets cushions, it becomes an island of well-being

    Be it a chic designer piece or a long-loved leather couch - when it comes to comfort, no other piece of furniture can beat the sofa. With our large selection of Pillow in different sizes and designs, you can transform your favorite piece of furniture into a showcase of your personality. Our team of curators has put together the most beautiful patterns, motifs and designs for you, which are printed on pillowcases in sizes 50x30, 46x46 or 56x56 cm. Whether encouraging sayings, abstract color explosions or simple and monochrome: combine yours Sofakissen for maximum comfort and an inspiring atmosphere.

    Art throw pillows galore

    Cozy, nice to look at and preferably numerous - that's how they like it best. Our square and rectangular pillowcases are made from skin-friendly microfiber fabric that is suitable for allergy sufferers and are printed all over. An invisible zipper holds everything together. But it's not just the external values ​​that are impressive: a synthetic fiber filling makes them Pillow into dimensionally stable sources of atmosphere and comfort. Browse through our colorfully patterned cushion collections and cushion covers and be surprised by what catches your eye. Maybe it's a fruit salad to cuddle with, an animal sofa friend or a botanically printed eye-catcher for your favorite armchair?

    For all couch lovers among you

    With our printed art pillow let's bring color into the cozy corner. Whether illustration, typography or photo printing: With home textiles - just like with posters for the living room - you can take up different themes and create your own personal oasis of well-being. A motivating saying on the wall will get you off the couch just in time when you're there between Netflix and Dekokissen threaten to make things too comfortable. You might also choose minimalist Scandinavian prints on home furnishings and wall art to create a sense of calm and balance, or add some exoticism to your home with botanical and jungle motifs? Order now Cushions & pillowcases conveniently online at artlia.

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