Seokhee Kim Poster

Seokhee Kim Poster


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    Seokhee Kim is a renowned South Korean artist known for her paintings. Born in 1970 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, she began her artistic career at a young age.

    After graduating from school, Kim studied at Osaka University in Japan, where she earned a doctorate in language and culture. Back in Seoul, she is currently working as a research professor at Kyung Hee University. In addition to her academic career, she also works as a translator.

    Kim has been active in the art scene since the 1980s and has specialized primarily in painting. In her works she addresses the coexistence of East and West as well as the special features of watercolor and oil paintings. She explores the emotional states of loneliness and happiness. Kim captures small but meaningful moments of everyday life in her pictures and uses them to tell stories.

    Her artworks are characterized by their precise, detailed work and the ability to create an emotional connection with the viewer. Throughout her career, Seokhee Kim has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Korea and internationally. Her works have been presented in renowned galleries and at art fairs.