Korean art exhibition Jena 2022

Art Exhibition Jena 2022: From the Land of Morning Calm, Korea

  • Date: 03. Sep. 2022 - 18. Sep. 2022
  • Venue: Jena city hall hallway
  • Address: Markt 1, 07743 Jena, Germany
  • Exhibitor: artlia - Art Gallery

The City hall Jena is one of the oldest City halls in Germany and hosts many exhibitions or cultural events. Jena, a city located in the middle of Germany, is one of the important cultural cities. It is close to the city of art, Leipzig, and the Bauhaus University which is famous for its design and architecture. Many artists and art enthusiasts participate in large and small concerts and cultural events in Jena almost every day.



Exhibition’s Preface

Despite the increased interest in Korea, the European perception of Asia is still strongly limited to China and Japan. Korea has a common cultural base of Asia, but we want to introduce the unique spirit and culture of Korea to Europe through artwork. Through this, we can look back on ourselves and recognize the place and role of our art in the world. Artlia is one of the active galleries promoting Korean art in Europe. As an ambassador of Korean art and culture, we have a mission to introduce Korean art in Germany and Europe.

As an online art gallery suitable for the post-Corona art market, we intend to maximize the effect of the exhibition by expanding this offline on-site exhibition into an online exhibition.

This exhibition “From the Land of Morning Calm - Korean Art Exhibition Jena 2022” will be a good milestone to introduce Korean art in Europe. Instead of being a one-time exhibition, this exhibition will be an opportunity to develop into a regular exhibition that introduces Korean art in Europe by building a local network and community.


Introduction of Co-exhibitor from Korea

  • Art Gallery: A Bunker (http://www.a-bunker.com/)
  • Gallerist: Dohee Sohn
  • Address: Jandari-ro 70, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

A Bunker is one of the representing art galleries in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. The most honest definition of the name A Bunker is an underground facility in which they shelter people to protect them from harm. In other words, it is a space designated as a last resort to protect important people or objects.

A Bunker serves to stay honest to the definition and provides sanctuary for artists/exhibitors and their works from the severe competition in current art industry. Their crimson brick walls symbolize not only visual sturdiness but also represent the act of producing and archiving art in a safe and free environment.

They have been participating not only in the art fairs and exhibitions in Korea, but also in numerous exhibitions abroad. Their expertise and the experiences will lead this exhibition to the success.


Introduction of Exhibitor

  • Art Gallery: artlia (https://artlia.de/)
  • Gallerist: Hyoun Wook Song
  • Address: Am Planetarium 38, 07743 Jena

Mission and Introduction

artlia_art gallery

Artlia, as an online art gallery registered in Germany, pursues growth and development with its missions:

  • Introducing unique Korean artworks, less well-known compared to China and Japan, to the German and European markets
  • Enhancing accessibility of customers to artworks through various online/offline campaigns and marketing activities
  • Inducing interest in artworks and integrate art into real life through production and sales of printed art products
  • Not only promoting and introducing artworks online, but also supporting exhibitions and art fairs oversees for Korean artists, and ultimately striving to become an Omni-Channel Art Gallery that encompasses both online and offline.


Artlia, founded in Aug 2020 in Germany, is relatively new Art Gallery. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic we had limited opportunities to attend Art fairs. However the founder, has worked in marketing for a long time, organizing various international exhibitions. As an exhibition project manager in Samsung Electronics Global Marketing team, he has led the entire process including conception, logistics, on-site event, PR Plan, lead gathering and management for IFA Berlin, one of the important electronics fairs in the world. Not only fairs and exhibitions, he has established the Samsung B2B exhibition center global standard guidelines. Demonstrating Electronic products is definitely different from demonstrating artworks, but the process of organizing the exhibitions and events, and connecting the exhibition with sales is quite similar. The experiences can lead to success in art exhibitions as well.

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