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    Discover new canvas prints for the living room now!

    The heart of every house is the living room. Here we celebrate, relax and live together. You too spend most of your time at home in the living room. An individual decoration ensures a cosy, harmonious togetherness that goes through modern canvas paintings or classic canvas prints is reinforced. Take a look at our wide range of decorative living room canvas prints in different formats, sizes and motifs! A screen offers a lot of freedom for your individual living room ideas.


    Canvas prints for the living room: which motif suits me best?

    Bring different than framed pictures canvas paintings the color tone and the rounded edges create a soft and calm atmosphere in your living room. The question now is which motif best suits my living room. You should take your time when choosing a motif. Sit on your couch and look around. How would you describe the character of your living room? What's your current style? Do you have a more modern living room, a classic look or is it naturally decorated with lots of plants and wood?

    You should also think about the color tone. Is your living room light, dark or colourful? Typically, high-contrast colors look perfect on your canvas print, but tone-on-tone can also achieve a premium effect in an elegant setting. Now select pictures or canvas prints that match the style of your living room furnishings and be inspired by artlia's large and special range!

    You should also consider the format, horizontal or vertical. With the use of mobile phones, the portrait format is more comfortable for the viewer, as opposed to the landscape format, which used to be preferred.

    Which motifs for living room canvas prints are trendy?

    Flowers and green plants in particular have been decorating our living room murals lately. In the foreground is the picture of green plants on canvas, which combines beauty and transience and at the same time appears light and free. Green plants on the wall in the living room bring you into nature.


    Birds on canvas, such as the crane family, are also appealing to many tastes at the moment. The gray tone of the mural suits most customer living rooms. Its hue is warm and pleasant, and in psychology it represents a harmonious way of life. So it's no wonder that the subject looks so calm and peaceful.


    Hanging up modern collages Design tips for canvas prints in the living room

    The disadvantage of XXL murals is that they are too large. The delivery cost is very expensive and it is also difficult to change location. That is why collages for the home gallery are very popular. Whether square collages, multi-part black and white canvas pictures, colorful collages, motif mixes with other art, everything is allowed. These tips will help you find the best combination

    • Smaller formats are particularly suitable for a modern collage. They are easy to arrange.
    • Lay the collage on the floor beforehand to try out its effect.
    • The optimal distance between the murals is 2-3 cm.

    artlia thinks of our planet

    Beautiful canvas paintings are even better if they are sustainable at the same time. This is also the philosophy of artlia. That's why we place the shipping and manufacture of our items in the reliable hands of our production and logistics partners if you wish, in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Together with them, we also regularly ensure that our items not only meet our own quality standards, but also the high German manufacturing and packaging standards. We will always strive to be honest with our planet.