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Blumen, Schmetteringe und Frosch - Poter Misun Kim 21×30 cm artlia
Blumen, Schmetteringe und Frosch - Poter Misun Kim artlia
Blumen, Schmetteringe und Frosch - Poter artlia 70×100 cm artlia
Blumen, Schmetteringe und Frosch - Poter artlia 50×70 cm artlia
Blumen, Schmetteringe und Frosch - Poter artlia 61×91 cm artlia

Flowers, Butterflies and Frog - Poster

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Poster - flowers, butterflies and frog in other frame types


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What do we see in this poster?

This painting printed on a poster is one of the Chochungdo (초충도, 草蟲圖). Chokhungdo (Image of Grass and Insects) is a Korean folk painting with a combination of grass, insects, amphibious lizards, etc., each with its own meaning. This is a painting depicting nature, the meaning of which is the desire for literary spirit, wealth, longevity and fertility. It is a wide-ranging subject ranging from literary paintings to popular images and is liked by all walks of life.

Many chochungdo were drawn in China's Namsong period (from 1127 to 1279). In Korea, many chochungdo are believed to date from this period, as many of the chochungdo remains of Shinsaimdang (1504 to 1551) date back to the early Joseon dynasty. In the 『Gaejawonhwajeon, 개자원화전, 芥子園畵傳』, detailed methods of super-faithful drawing are described, showing that it was very popular in the later generations.

The elements mainly found in Chokhungdo are cucumbers, pumpkins, grapes, eggplants, bluebells, cockscombs, cherry blossoms, cones, poppies, wild herbs, hydrangeas, yellow and white chrysanthemums, dusk, wild flowers, frogs, toads, dragonflies and bees. Grass and worms are often found near butterflies, chicks, fireflies, cicadas, lizards, hedgehogs, bats and weasels. Hwajodo is composed of tall trees, flowers, birds, etc., while Chokhungdo is composed of small grasses and flowers and small insects that live in close relationship with each other.

The overview of the Chochungdo method presented at 『Gaejawonhwajeon, 개자원화전, 芥子園畵傳』 is as follows: "To draw a grass worm, vivid movements of flying and running must be well expressed. The shape of the Grassworm can be long, short, large and small, and its color changes from time to time. In summer, when the grass and trees grow, the color of the insects should be green, and in autumn, when the grass and trees are colored it should be cloudy. Grassworms are usually drawn with dots, with the ghost having to appear first. While the heads of grassworms are drawn first, the wings of butterflies are first drawn. In order for the flowers to shine more colorfully, butterflies have to be in "The wart is a small insect, and yet it must be painted with dignity. Therefore, grassworms are but very small creatures, but their form and spirit must be sufficiently expressed to bring out the meaning of the thrill." .

Where can this mural hang?

That on the Poster The printed artwork “Flowers, Butterflies and Frog” by Misun Kim is a real feast for the eyes for friends of flora and fauna who are also looking for something unusual. The round shape and style bring a distinctive Asian/Korean look. We recommend hanging the picture in a living room or in the dining room, where it is guaranteed to attract attention.

Image resolution quality 


Original image size: 30 x 30 cm


  • original title: Chochungdo (초충도)
  • Artist: Misun Kim (South Korea)
  • Datum: 2018
  • Format: painted on the traditional Korean paper
  • Size: 30x30cm
  • Genre: Korean folk painting (Minhwa, 민화)


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    Museum-quality posters made on strong, durable, matte paper. Add wonderful accents to rooms and offices with posters that are guaranteed to brighten up any environment.

    • Paper thickness: 0.26 mm (10.3 mil)
    • Paper weight: 189 g /m²
    • Giclèe print quality
    • Opacity: 94%
    • ISO brightness: 104%
    • Raw material from Japan
    Museum quality

    Poster with frame

    Make a statement in any room with this framed poster printed on thick, durable matte paper. The matte black frame adds an extra touch of class. 

    • Paper thickness: 0.26 mm (10.3 mil)
    • Paper weight: 189 g/m² (5.57 oz/yd²)
    • Black and white acacia wood frame.
    • Solid oak frame
    • Front protection film made of acrylite
    • Hanging fittings included
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    Museum quality

    Canvas pictures

    This canvas print will make a statement in any room. It is hand-stretched on a canvas-cotton blend with a matte finish.

    • Hand stretched
    • 38 mm deep, hand-glued solid wood stretcher frame
    • Fade resistant (OBA free)
    • Matte finish coating
    • Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton based
    • 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470 gsm
    • Includes mounting brackets
    Museum quality

    Framed canvas

    The framed pine canvas has rubber pads on the corners, a pre-attached wall mount and a floating frame for effortless elegance.

    • Pine frame
    • Frame thickness: 3.18 cm (1.25″)
    • Canvas fabric weight: 344 g/m² +/- 25g/m² (10.15 +/- 0.74 oz/yd²)
    • Open back
    • Rubber pads on rear corners
    • Hanging fittings already attached

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